I’m Ric, the MD and owner of The Sound Town. After studying Music systems engineering in Bristol (UWE), I worked in LA and NY, before returning to Bristol to fulfil my dream of working on Natural History programming and some Sir David Attenborough programs. 

I’ve had a diverse range of experiences within audio post and beyond, including working professionally as a theatre sound designer and operator, acoustically designing and building studios, editing and writing scripts and recently learning some coding languages. 

I like to act as a sound supervisor from beginning to end. Offering the director and PM a consistent and experienced point of contact. 

Ric de Mowbray
About The Sound Town

Diversity and Equal Opportunity Commitment

The Sound Town wants to support women, ethnic and minority groups, LGBT individuals and applicants who may have disabilities in audio post. We recognise the audio post world is severely lacking in diversity and inclusion
[watch: Diversity in the UK Post Sound Industry]

We have worked with many individuals on their skills and are proud to be part of UKPSC, actively trying to train the next generation. Our ultimate aim is to put those under-represented, in positions of power and authority within our company. To discuss this, please feel free to contact us directly.