I’m Ric, the MD and owner of The Sound Town. After studying Music systems engineering at University of West England (UWE), I went to LA to start working in audio post. I spent 2 years there working in an independent studio, building up my skills and working to US expectations. After a year working on production sets in NY, I returned to Bristol, with the clear intention of working in Natural History programming. I started by running a room for a small production company, before joining Doghouse, virtually at their inception. I grew with them for 10 years and was a big part of us breaking into the Natural History work.

I feel like I’ve had a diverse range of experiences within audio post and beyond, including working professionally as a theatre sound designer and operator, acoustically designing and building studios and writing content for a BBC binaural radio series. I view our work in audio post as art, and I’ve honed my approach to mirror practices seen in other artistic endeavours. I feel creatively refreshed with great motivation.
To ‘ringfence’ the quality of your sound and to maximise its potential, I like to act as a sound supervisor from beginning to end. Offering the director and PM a consistent and experienced point of contact. I also provide to focal point to a range of exceptional freelancers.

We have always been powered by 100% renewable energy.

Ric de Mowbray

Diversity and Equal Opportunity Commitment

The Sound Town wants to support women, ethnic & minority groups, LGBT individuals & applicants who may have disabilities in audio post. We recognise the audio post world is severely lacking in diversity and inclusion (https://youtu.be/B8GkM7tYrRQ . We have worked with many individuals on their skills and are proud to be part of UKPSC (https://www.ukpsc.co.uk/), actively trying to train the next generation. Our ultimate aim is to put those under-represented, in positions of power and authority within our company. To discuss this, please feel free to contact us directly.