Our mantra is to produce the highest quality, most creative sound work achievable.

The 7.1 mix room and floating recording room are acoustically isolated, treated and tuned.

We use Pro Tools HD and a plethora of plugins and a huge sound library for sound design. For ADR and VO we use Source Connect pro and EDIprompt.

We have a range of industry standard mics for all purposes, including field recording. 

5.1, Stereo mixing (including binaural and immersive VR formats)

We have mixed everything from 5.1 features to VR, binaural projects and podcasts. Including a bespoke installation Zoo. Our mix room offers excellent acoustic imaging and technical standards.


VO/ADR recording

We have a wealth of experience recording, directing and editing ADR and VO. We have two acoustically tuned rooms and have a selection of industry standard mics including. We connect remotely using Source connect pro and provide visual cues for the talent via EDIPrompt. 



example grid with fade in….